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See how Final Flat Roof ™ can be applied on a flat roof with standing water!

Click Here to see our video of Final Flat Roof being applied to a wet roof!!!

Flat Roof Repair - Flat Roof Repairs
Final Flat Roof ™ roofing products do not require special equipment for their application. Each single component system can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto a variety of conventional roofing systems to achieve a 100% waterproof solution.

Final Flat Roof ™ can be applied to an existing roof with standing water and stop roof leaks. If a roof coating cannot be applied to the roof with water, then it cannot be waterproof and will fail quickly! Final Flat Roof ™ is the only roof coating in the world that can be applied and cure even under salt water.

Flat Roof Repair Steps
• Remove any wet and/or damaged roofing material
• Repair any suspect seams, tears, splits or voids using Envirogrip ™ web backed sealant tape
• Remove latent dirt by powerwashing and let dry
• Apply Final Flat Roof ™ at the specified rate for system (2 gallons per 100 sq. ft. for most applications)

Final Flat Roof ™ - Flat Roof Repair Advantages
• Reduced labor cost - Many single coat applications
• 100% waterproof membrane
• No ponding water exclusions once cured
• Low odor - won't disturb building occupants
• Doesn't freeze - extends roofing season
• Resistant to oils and acids
• UL® Class A Flame Resistant
• 100% Mold Resistant (Per ASTM D 3273 testing)
• Lower Energy Costs - Reflective White Roof!

Flat Roof Repair - Financial Advantages
The repair and restoration of your roofing system is considered a maintenance item and is treated differently than a roof replacement. Under I.R.S. regulations, maintenance items are considered an operating expense and are tax deductable in the year the expense is incurred. Conversely, a roof recovery or removal and replacement is a capital expenditure and subject to a 39 year depreciation schedule under current IRS regulations. Consult your accountant for more details on how your company may benefit from this tax regulation.

Flat Roof Repair Analysis

Flat Roof Repair - Flat Roof Repairs. Learn about Flat Roof Repair Costs    Flat Roof Repair - Flat Roof Repairs. Learn about Flat Roof Repair Costs

Flat Roof Repair - Flat Roof Repairs. Learn about Flat Roof Repair Costs